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"These selected watercolors represent a retrospective of work created over many years, particularly those created as a series or a related body of work. I first learned watercolor skills and the process of painting in the transparent medium during my sophomore year at Western Maryland College, (now McDaniel College), under the excellent tutelage of Wasyl Palijzuk. Wasyl’s painting exercises taught us to start with loose and undefined washes of color. From these soft, patchy shapes we learned to derive concrete imagery, and Wasyl equipped us with equally concrete painting skills to define with detail the images we envisioned. Fifty years later, I continue to be grateful to my teacher for enabling me to combine spontaneity and control in my watercolor paintings."

                                                                Ellen Elmes 

For the Beauty of the Earth Series:

Spring Awakening.jpg
Ancient Cycles.jpg
Wooded Wonder.jpg

Color Series:

Chartre Blue 8 in.jpg
Sap Green 8.jpg
Elmes-Burnt Sienna-I Exist copy.jpg
Anchor 2
Lemon Yellow copy.jpg
Elmes Ellen Pomegranate Red 2009.jpg

Embraced by Mountains Series:

Knob 2.jpg
Elmes-Beartown Mt. Overlooking the Viney
House and Barn copy.jpg
Adams farm.jpg
Anchor 3
It's Our Choice Triptych.jpg

Parallel Lives: Scotland & Appalachia Series:

Granite and Grace copy.jpg
Women Waiting 1.jpg
Power of Memory 4.9Mb.jpg
Anchor 1
Harmonies 1.jpg
Hallowed Ground 1.jpg

In Tribute to the Stanley Brothers Series:

6 Stanley Bros Series VIII-Man of Consta
White Dove 5x7.jpg
Anchor 4

Family Themes:

To Try To Teach Our Terros to Sing 1.jpg
The More I Give to Thee new 1.jpg
Anchor 5
Nature Boy.jpg
12 Anna's Rain Party.jpg
Fallon and Fairies.jpg

Embodying Culture Themes:

Christo's Dance.jpg
Domingo's Flowers.jpg
Jessenta's Reverie.jpg
3 Our Bodies-Ourselves-Our Choice copy.j
Anchor 6

Transparency Themes:

Chaos sm.jpg
Ananda sm.jpg
Jihad sm.jpg
Anchor 7
Scarves 3.jpg
The More I Give.jpg
It is the Lark.jpg
A Story of Woe.jpg

Recent Works:

Sheltering with quote.jpg
Homeward Bound.jpg
Spring Spiral.jpg
Anchor 8
Darkness into the light.jpg
Dave's Labyrinth reg.jpg
Maple Nation.jpg
Hagia Sophia.jpg
For the Beauty.jpg
How Can I Keep From Singing.jpg
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